Introducing an affordable real-time temperature monitoring and alerting system for businesses that want precise temperature regulation to keep their product fresh.

  • Restaurants – coolers, freezers, A/C
  • Fast food – display chillers .
  • Breweries – vats, cold storage
  • Pharmaceuticals –  coolers  at doctors, schools, nursing homes & vets
  • Food copackers – vats, ovens, chillers, storage
  • Refrigeration contractors –  catch problems before your client notices
  • Precision hydroponics

Find out how we can save you money!

Did you know that a restaurant cooler failure can easily cost $1000 in  spoiled food if not caught in time?
My walk-in failed in the middle of the night one weekend but the quick notification from Coldsure gave us time to move the food to other fridges. Without Coldsure we would have lost about $900 of meat.
Peter Bizzarro
Owner, Bizzarro's
Last Sunday, our Reach-in freezer went down at 10pm and we got a call from Coldsure before 11pm and were able to save all our product valued at about $3000. Without Coldsure we would have probably lost it all.
Owner, Lelo's