My walk-in failed in the middle of the night one weekend but the quick notification from Coldsure gave us time to move the food to other fridges.  Without Coldsure we would have lost about $900 of meat.

Peter Bizzarro, Owner Bizzarro’s Satellite Beach


Last Sunday, our Reach-in freezer went down at 10pm and  we got a call from Coldsure before 11pm and were able to save all our product valued at about $3000. Without Coldsure we would have probably lost it all.

Maria, Owner Lelos Risorante, Rockledge


The Customer Service and Remote Monitoring Service you provide is truly exceptional i.e. walk-in Cooler and freezer ‘Live’ readouts…..

A must-have for all Restaurant Business Owners for that additional off hours peace of mind.

Bobby, owner  NY Pizza,  Melbourne



Coldsure provides a reliable early warning system that identifies when you should take action.  With online monitoring and automated alerts, the Coldsure system instantly identifies me when out of range medical refrigerator temperatures occur.

Excellent, proactive customer service, quality hardware, and remote monitoring create a reliable safe storage environment for life saving medicine.


Chris, Cocoa Beach