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Thank You for checking out our website and company. 

 ColdSure is a company built on customer service and relationships.  We have a combined total of over 60 years of customer service experience, 30 years of communication and alerting systems and 30 years of retail.  We have put together a family/team that has a CAN-DO attitude. We want to be part of your family, not just a vendor.  As in any company, there are titles, but don’t let that deter you from contacting anyone at ColdSure. We have an open-door policy where no one is unapproachable.   You know your business better than us and if you have suggestions or requests that we can provide or help with, please let us know.  Again, THANK YOU for looking at us and we hope we can join your family.


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    What does ColdSure’s Penguin do?

Actively monitors critical temperatures and door sensors and sends Email/ SMS/ Voice alerts whenever  your Site goes into an Alarm condition.

 Penguin 24×7 Alerts or Alarms by predefined temperature levels and time. The instant your Penguin violates the predefined temperature it will notify you and if you do not respond to the alarm, ColdSure Control Center will follow up with a voice call to your emergency list. You can also have the system send daily reports that include graphs showing your history. This allows you to be in control of spoilage and keep  product loss to a minimum.

Penguin supports the following types of alerting mechanism:

  •                        Email Alerts

  •                       SMS Alerts

  •                       Voice Alerts

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