System Hardware

Coldsure’s Penguin system hardware is rugged, reliable and easy to install.

'Penguin1' Controller

  • Micro-computer, about the size of a paperback book.
  • Silent operation – has no fans.
  • Powered via USB.
  • Can be located almost anywhere inside.
  • Supports 50 temperature sensors and 4 door sensors
  • Two relay outputs for external alarms

'Penguin2' Controller (Coming soon)

  • Penguin1 with  2 row LCD screen.
  • Displays temperatures in real-time.
  • Screen changes color based on status.

Digital Temperature Sensor

  • Rugged Commercial quality.
  • Waterproof and encased in stainless steel.
  • Measures  -67°F to +257°F (-55°C to +125°C)
  • Accurate to 0.9°F (0.5°C)
  • Up to 50 sensors can be attached to same three wires.

Door Sensors

  • Supports 4 doors
  • Simple 2-wire circuit will work with almost any switch:
    • Low cost magnetic ‘alarm’ switches.
    • Industrial switches.
    • Door ‘pin’ switches


Is your wired system  better than wireless?

Yes – much better!  

Wireless systems have  major drawbacks that just don’t suit commercial environments.

  1. Radio signals don’t penetrate metal boxes well. Try using your cell phone in your walk-in with the door closed to see what happens!
  2. Wireless means sensors need their own power to work – i.e. batteries that will require regular replacement .
  3. Since signals don’t penetrate metal well, the sensor will likely be plastic.
  4. Plastic boxes that have to be opened regularly to replace the battery  will not be waterproof.
How much Internet data will Coldsure use –  is it secure?

We designed the system with strong encryption and all traffic is TLS encrypted. Further,  connections are only made  outbound so you don’t have to make any changes to your firewall or router. Just plug our box in and it will work.

The actual quantity of data sent is very  small  – so little that  you will probably use more data loading a single web page than the Penguin will send all month!

What happens if  Internet at site goes down?

The server will send out an alert  to email/phones that Coldsure  has lost contact with the site. During the outage as long as your Penguin has power it will store the measurements locally and report them all back to the server when Internet is restored.