Clean and simple to use while still offering powerful features:
  • Custom temperature alerts with duration and time of day 
  • Custom door alerts with duration and time of day
  • Daily activity summary with graphs of each sensor sent to list of emails and/or phone
  • Graphical history of all sensors.


Alerts are sent to your  list of emails and phones and are resent every 5 mins until someone silences the alert using the embedded link.

Text is color coded by status.

Each alert will include a graph of recent history of the sensor so you can see what happened.

A ‘cleared’ message will be sent when the alert is over.

Flexible rules

Coolers and freezers will see temperature spikes during heavy usage so we designed our alert system so you can add as many time-of-day  specific rules as you want to eliminate false alerts.

e.g.  You want to know if the walk-in gets above 42°F but don’t want false alerts during deliveries.

Let’s  set up two Alarms and a Caution – click image for  animation ->

Click for Animation

Daily Reports

If you want, you can have the system send you a status report every day of the last 24 hours of activity ( with graphs) to a list of emails/phones.

Easy to use Web portal

Web Browser
Phone App
See Site Status

This page shows current status of each sensor with a detail button and allows you to generate and email out a daily report on demand.

Click to Animate
With one click, see sensor detail and view zoomable graph of history.

Click image right to show zooming feature.

Click to Animate

Dashboard Page

Sometimes you just want to see your status at a glance so we added the dashboard page that does just that.

The page will autoscroll though all the sensors you want to display and can be configured without a login so you can easily hang a tablet on the wall and leave it set to the dashboard.

Click here to see a live dashboard in a new tab. 

After a few seconds,  the display will animate to show all sensors at a glance